I have attended numerous workshops and short courses in various aspects of pottery making wherever my travels have taken me. I am currently a member of the Brooklin Pottery Coop, a communal clay studio, where I’ve been creating wheel thrown forms that I love to alter, pierce and excise to reveal imagined layers of structure and form. I draw inspiration from the native flora that inhabits the coast of Maine and repeatedly find connections and patterns in its beauty.


I use stoneware and porcelain to create my pieces. If I am planning to alter the piece, I do that soon after removing it from the wheel. I do the piercing next if there will be holes in the wall of the piece. After drying to leather  hard, I begin the excising or carving. At each step, the changes begin to suggest new methods, patterns, and designs, which drive me to continually evolve my work. The bone dry piece is then bisque fired to cone 06. After glazing the piece, it is fired again to cone 6 in an electric kiln.

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